Candles for Christmas: Our tips and tricks to make your festive season brighter

December is just around the corner and it's time to talk candles. If you are wondering about how you will ignite the Christmas spirit in your home or elevate your table during Christmas lunch then read on because we are sharing our top 4 tips and tricks to help you find the candles of your dreams and make your festive season that little bit brighter. 

  • Think about the scents that remind you of Christmas 
  • When taking a trip down memory lane to Christmases past and present, what do you think of? The sweet candy cane scent of spearmint? Or a pavlova inspired fruitiness. Maybe what brings you back is the earthiness of Christmas trees with pine top notes that are ready to refresh. Whatever your fragrance preferences are, let these help you decide on your perfect candle. If you aren’t certain of what fragrances you are interested in we suggest our Christmas Mini Trio of Candles. They not only allow you to decide on which ones you love the best, but you also have the freedom to rotate them, should you want to change things up a bit!  

  • Timing is everything
  • You may be thinking about using your candles throughout December or for a specific date such as Christmas Day. If you are deciding to go with the latter there are some important things to keep in mind so you can preserve your candles properly after each use! If you are burning your candle for the first time remember that they should not be burning for longer than 4 hours. This can cause the wick of your candle to ‘mushroom’ which is when it can become unstable, the flame can become too big and even begin to smoke (not good!). 

    A key tip is to time the candle burning around other key times in the day such as choosing to light it in the morning then setting a reminder to extinguish it 3-4 hours later or when you sit down for Christmas Lunch. Another excellent way to tell is if there is less than 10mm of wax left on your candle. If this is the case, your candle has served its time and is ready. 

    There is enough to think about during the holidays and having a reminder will help you stay on top of your candles whilst still being able to enjoy them and focus on other responsibilities. If you have used your candle and wish to enjoy it again on another day, ensure to trick your wick around 5mm before lighting. This will create a sweet smelling scent and an even burn, without any unwanted smokiness. 

  • Think about placement and position 
  • Decor placement is everything and candles are no different. Even if you are burning them for a safe amount of time and your space is smelling scent-sational there is naturally a risk with the flame of the candle in your space. This is why it is important to place your candle in a cool dry place for burning. One that is within your eyesight so you can check on it regularly, but it is high enough that little hands cannot reach, unknowing guests cannot lean beside or place bags/ decorations next to. 

    Another tip is to make sure that the table or surface you are placing them onto is very stable. Sometimes over the holidays there can be new portable tables set up that are used to cater for more people but if a table is knocked over accidentally or not set up properly, this could cause danger if there is a burning candle sitting on top. Keep in mind that your candles will sit happily as the centre point on your table, but if this is not appropriate for you from a safety perspective, they will be able to work just as well in creating a beautiful fragrance from a safer place in the room. 

  • Remember that this is your Christmas and you should have the candles that you want
  • When it comes to Christmas, there are no rules and your candle selection should reflect what you love and how you want your day to feel (and smell!). Whilst we have a fantastic selection of Christmas themed candles to try, you may be content with a scent that you have used and enjoyed many times before, to add some familiarity to the day. Alternatively you might find the holidays slightly overwhelming and find yourself craving some calm top notes that ground you and give you energy to take on the festive season one day at a time. 

    The amount of candles you use will be your decision to make and should reflect what will make you happy and spark joy. After all, they are there to enhance your space and bring happiness to the day. Nothing more, nothing less. We’re here to help you find your perfect Christmas candles and have a wick-epedia of options available to choose from. Let the festive season begin!

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