Our Story

Haus of Scents began with a desire to promote mental wellbeing by creating candles that would encourage anyone and everyone to switch off so that they could truly enjoy their downtime. With life being so busy, and many of us having a tendency to prioritise ourselves, our happiness and wellbeing last, we felt it was time to make candles that were designed to change this and do more than provide a pleasant smell. 

Ones that could bring you warmth and delight, with scents that were familiar, distinctive and soothing to take in. No matter the space they occupied or the day you had.  

In our beloved hometown of Sydney, we set to work handcrafting candles made of the highest quality coconut and soy wax, with the best vegan ingredients that were free of herbicides, pesticides or petroleum. We chose wicks made of cotton with braided paper fibres to ensure strength and rigidity and designed the appearance of our candles flexibly, to allow you to personalise them how you wish for the ultimate candle burning experience. 

After many hours of trialling each candle, refining it to create balanced, vibrant fragrances, designs that would sit beautifully on display and finessing candle holders that would prolong the shelf life of their candles effectively, everything became a little brighter. For Haus of Scents was alive and ready to share. 

Our mission is to give you candles and aromatic products that not only engage your senses, but fill your home and help you to feel relaxed and at ease. To help you live the life you deserve and enjoy the quiet how you were always meant to. 

We cannot wait for you to try our large range of products and hope that they bring you and those closest to you love, light and many memories to come.