Celebrating our 2nd Birthday. How Haus of Scents found its spark...

Never has there been a better time to use our fantastic range of candles, because Haus of Scents is now officially 2 years old! It feels like time has absolutely flown by, but creating our company has been the most enlightening experience ever (*wink wink) and to celebrate this milestone as well as the continual support of our beautiful community, we wanted to reflect on our journey creating Haus of Scents and how we found our spark in the process. 

Haus of Scents began as a one person operation (with me, Karen!) in late 2019. As a long time candle lover and user I found myself interested in creating candles that focused on personalisation, in all sense of the word. Candles that felt like they were made with love, could be designed with an extra personal touch only unique to their owner, and be used to bring light to the importance of mindfulness and mental health. With their natural calming abilities and aromatic powers, candles have the natural ability to help us slow down and create peaceful moments amidst the busyness and chaos. But to have candles that could connect us to the importance of prioritising that time for ourselves and our wellness was an idea that I felt deserved to be made into a reality. 

So, in my very own kitchen I began to craft what eventually became our signature range of Haus of Scents candles. All were hand poured, using a perfect blend of coconut and soy wax with refined fragrant scents that could enchant and inspire and space. I kept each batch small to ensure complete consistency and the highest quality result, a practise we very proudly continue to use today. 

The Haus of Scents business grew as my family soon came on board to help with each exciting order request. They were soon followed by a small team of talented freelancers and helpers to ensure that we could give our new community the best customer experiences possible! We included the option to customise candles, providing options for preferred scents, fonts and desired wording so that everyone could create the candle they wanted and truly feel seen and understood in their candle practices. 

The first year of our business brought with it the most challenges as we were learning how to operate the best for ourselves and our customers. But, it was also an unbelievably rewarding time and gave us the fire and assurance we needed that our products were valued and we were on the right track (or wick...). We began receiving 5 star reviews and word of mouth recommendations which grew our customer base, as well as our sales and social media followers. We also moved to our current studio location in Sydney, Australia to create and ship our products, which was truly an exciting moment in our story! Having such a driven and caring team gave me the support I needed to expand our business even more through new candle ranges, and the introduction of accessories including diffusers, greeting cards and candle maintenance items. 

Being able to provide more options was the next step for us and we are so proud to be able to have over 50 products on offer. We drew inspiration from special events to create memorable, calming fragrances that could bring back memories and help create new ones. Another focus was to make gifting to loved ones easier and through express shipping and thoughtful packaging. Most of all, we remained dedicated to our original vision for our candles: quality products that felt instantly personal and encouraged everyone who used them to prioritise their self care routines and mindfulness. 

Although they are made for the quiet moments, all of our products will leave a big impact, drawing you closer to tranquility and joy through their sweet, engaging scents. Thank you for supporting us through these last two years and we cannot wait to bring you more unique sensory experiences and special moments. 

To many more years of love and light, 
Karen Ly and the team at Haus of Scents. 

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